Robert Bosler

About Robert Bosler

In brief, here are some of Robert's achievements:

  • Artist since 1985, achieving the dream of living off art
  • Top sales price per painting of $25,000
  • Thousands of paintings sold worldwide
  • Regularly selling works between $3,000-10,000
  • Developer of the advanced Fine Art Techniques so you can achieve as well
  • Continual exhibitions in galleries and through his large Sydney studios
  • Many of his exhibitions, or a single artwork, televised locally and nationally
  • Established an investment art gallery in 1988 selling national and international investment works
  • Regularly stages exhibitions for his students
  • Author of three books on art
  • Author of three novels, currently developing his fourth
  • Writer on matters of the Australian psyche and politics for the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper online
  • Producer of premium quality DVDs to help you achieve with your art
  • Developer of The Laws For Creativity
  • Over 755,000 views about his art on YouTube and counting
  • Accomplished sculptor in marble, bronze and wood
  • Assisted hundreds of artists in over 38 countries