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Here are the locations of six of Robert's books.  The non-fiction works are highly specialised, designed to assist artists and art teachers in understanding creativity in general, and advanced oil painting techniques in particular.

In later years, Robert is working towards establishing a parallel career as a novelist, and loving the challenge, discipline and extremely demanding requirements of successful storytelling.


The 12 Fine Art Techniques

This is the ebook version of the best-selling DVD Triple Pack (sold into 38 countries).  You get each of the 12 advanced oil painting techniques explained in detail.  Much more information is included to assist with establishing or developing your art career.  108 pages (A4 size).  270 Photographs.  Now delivered via email - your order is sent within 24 hours.

$49 AUD (international conversion at time of payment)

Also available in eBook: 

Kindle Australia  $3.99

Kindle USA  $2.94

Kindle UK  £1.99

Make Money Teaching Art

As an artist you want to make money. By teaching art you will have a cash-flow income. You also receive advancement and inspiration from your students, and enjoy the wonderful pleasures of their success.

The question is - Are you ready to teach art?

This book gives you what you need to teach art confidently. But it's much more than that. You are guided through the teaching process so your students are - right from the start! - creating fine art paintings their own way, in their own style, from their personal vision.

This book is not only the best "Guide to Teaching Art" it also helps artists who have learned elsewhere and are concerned for how well they've been taught. The painting world is full of frustrations, and this book shows how to solve them.

MAKING MONEY TEACHING ART sets the industry standard for art teaching.

The accompanying eBook THE 12 ADVANCED FINE ART TECHNIQUES is available under the author's titles at Amazon, cheaply.
If you've thought about teaching art successfully, with this book you can now do exactly that. 

Kindle Australia  $4.93

Kindle USA  $3.47

Kindle UK  £2.60 

Paperback Version (New & Used Prices)

The Laws for Creativity

Now produced in film format and available as a DVD.


Red Light Go

Big Phil Maclean, father of a tight-knit family, tells us he’s dead.

“At least that’s what they say about me in the world where you live,” he says. “But where I live, I’m no longer Phil Maclean, nor am I dead. I’m still a family man.”

We meet this gentle giant when he’s still alive, holding the family together. Connie, his wife, is missing something. Phil aches for his educated wife. Dangerously courageous in his self-employment as a fisherman, Phil’s inadequacies slowly eat him alive.

Now their fifteen year old son, Boyd, wants to follow in his footsteps – but no one can, and Connie hates the boy’s choice.

Yet her choice was to agree for the family to live here in isolated Bondarra on the far south coast of NSW, Australia, and this innocent choice has tied her far too close to her son, putting them both at severe risk. The seeds of tragedy are sown.

Jordan, seventeen, their daughter, sees it happening and warns them. To no avail.

Now Phil goes missing, and while we are privileged to hear him tell us his striving to regain contact with his family, and then to influence and protect them, the rest of the family are left floundering and lost.

They’re vulnerable. And an insidious danger enters their lives.

Connie regains her strength and prospers, but it places ever-supportive Boyd in trouble.

Can Phil understand his new spiritual existence and save them from this impending disaster he now sees clearly is coming?
This story will touch your heart, break it, and then make it soar with warmth.

Paperback Version

Kindle Australia  $3.99

Kindle USA  $2.85

Kindle UK  £1.99

2nd Novel

93,300 words

3rd Novel

90,000 words

These latest manuscripts are currently under consideration for publication and details will be disclosed when released.

4th Novel

Currently in development.

Short Stories

A small selection of short stories are available at Amazon:




Published Articles

A small selection of Robert's articles are still available in these two archives:

Sydney Morning Herald

National Library Pandora

Other Writing

During his creative career, Robert has written numerous song lyrics, poetry, TV commercials, Advertising copy, and a ballet.