Robert Bosler

The Adjustment

The brief for this commissioned piece was to accurately capture the moment of the Chiropractic adjustment.  Here we see Dr Stanley Bolton, President of the Australian Chiropractic Association, adopting the pose from which the sculpture was to be taken.

This picture shows the final sculpture, as a work cast in bronze. The cast is taken from a wax model which is a remarkable substance allowing for extensive detail. The Doctor's hands in the final piece show fine features such as hair, veins and distinguishing marks on the arms and fingers.

The rod supporting the sculpture in fact forms part of the science of the work.  A chiropractic adjustment follows specific angles of force, and this is depicted here by the supporting rod, which itself hits the base from which concentric rings of energy are shown as displaced.

The difficulty with this commission was not so much in the accurate rendition of the Doctor's hands, but to have the piece appear to thrust into the base.  Then, having achieved this, there was the concern for how the arms would be finished so as not to appear as chopped off.

This piece represents and amalgam of artistic and scientific disciplines.

Mas Oyama

Unfortunately, photographs of Robert's bronze of Kyokushin Karate icon Mas Oyama have been lost to the ravages of time.  The sculpture depicts the tense moments immediately prior to Mas Oyama using his one-hit punch to dispatch a massive bull.  Notification of any existing photographs would be appreciated.  It was a commissioned piece as a gift for the subject.

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