Robert Bosler


Robert completed his first painting in 1985, and has since painted many hundreds of works, each taking months to finish. It is usual for each painting to comprise around forty sessions (mistakenly called 'layers'), with some pieces requiring over a hundred sessions to create the qualities and effects distinguishing his work.

Here is a very limited selection of his paintings.  Most now exist in private collections around the world, yet some recent works may be available for purchase.  Commissions are also accepted and have proven highly successful when engaged - the Carrara marble (from the same quarry as used by Michelangelo) in Robert's carving was chosen and shipped to him as a gift due to an investor's appreciation for a commissioned piece.  By all means, feel confident in making contact that your requirements will be more than satisfactorily met.

It is also useful to mention that Robert uses all 12 of the advanced techniques in his art.  Most artists use at best two or three of these techniques.  The specialised use of these techniques, and their unique combination, allows for the creation of light, movement and mood which are otherwise not successfully obtained.  These 12 techniques are provided on this site, in highly detailed DVDs (advanced tuition made easy!), with more information available at his specialised site

More information about Robert's studio can be found here:

Historical works

Later works

Ink pen sketches