Robert Bosler


Given another complete lifetime Robert would love to dedicate his creative energies entirely to sculpture.  In his words: "Not that there's any valid comparison, sculpture, howsoever it is, is the closest a man can come to giving birth." About the process, he adds:  "When starting a carving there's an initial period when you strive for the personal relationship with the figure trapped within the material, and it's depressing.  You feel the figure in there, but there's no connection.  Then ... it may be the sight of the tip of an elbow, or the glimpse of the crown ... and instantly you feel this immense responsibility and love for the person inside, and you are, from that moment, entirely committed to releasing him or her and giving them autonomous life."

Many of Robert's photographs have fallen to the ravages of time; however, these remain available to present for viewing:

Marble Carving

Wooden Carvings